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i4 Services - Basics

i4 Services can assist you with getting to grips with the basic day to day operations required to keep your financial accounts up-to-date, prepare both your company and your personal tax returns and provide on-going advice and guidance in running your company.

It is important that you fully understand the responsibilities attached to having your own company, and the legislation that governs how you draw your income. If you are considering this option (or already have yown company) then we recommend you read these pages carefully, and refer also to the more detailed information at More about limited companies.

What we do for you

  • Give you professional advice on the proposed operation of your company to ensure it is the best option for you to provide your services.
  • Assist you with registering your company for corporation and employer taxes.
  • Provide a simple-to-use system for you to manage your accounts on-line.
  • Calculate your PAYE and NIC and provide you with pay advices.
  • Advise you on what taxes need to be paid, when they need to be paid by and who they need to be paid to.
  • Monitor your invoices to end-clients.
  • Check your personal expense claims.
  • Prepare your annual financial accounts and send them to you for approval.
  • Prepare your annual returns and guide you through the submission process.
  • Advise and assist you with HMRC queries where required.

What you need to do

  • Incorporate a limited company if you do not already have one. (We can assist you with this if required).
  • Open a bank account for your company. (We can advise you how to do this quickly by way of a professional introduction if so required).
  • Advise us of any new end-clients through your on-line system.
  • Use your on-line system to raise invoices, submit expense claims and file bank statements.
  • Advise us of any changes in circumstances that might affect your payroll.
  • Pay your taxes to HMRC when advised to do so.
  • Sign off your annual financial accounts.
  • File your annual returns, any other statutory forms and the statutory accounts with Companies House.
  • Provide us with the date you signed the annual financial accounts so we can file the company's corporation tax with HMRC.

The qualified and professional accountants at i4 Services are always available to help you manage your company.

Call us now to discuss whether running your own company is your best solution.

Setting up and then managing your own Limited Company with i4 Services is easy and is achieved by following these simple steps:

1. Form a limited company

  • Upon receipt of your completed registration forms, we can assist you with the incorporation of your company (if required).
  • You will receive your company's Certificate of Incorporation and the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • We can provide professional introductions if you need assistance opening your business bank account.

2. Appoint an accountant

  • By signing your Letter of Engagement you appoint us as your accountant.
  • We will help with the reconciling of your company accounts, process your company payroll, provide details of the amounts of PAYE, NIC and Corporation Tax to be paid and when they need to be paid by, prepare your company accounts and tax return and give you direct access to your accountant for all the help and advice you need.

3. Manage your company

  • We provide a simple-to-use on-line system for you to submit invoices, expense claims and bank statements. You can use this system to view all the information regarding your contracts, invoices, expenses, payroll, bank transactions and company accounts.
  • Forward on to us any correspondence from HMRC or Companies House that you require advice or guidance on.
  • Pay your taxes when we advise you to do so.
  • Pay yourself! Your pay advice will indicate what net salary is due and what the company profits are should you wish to draw interim dividends.

More information:

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